Reiki is a gentle way to balance mind, body and emotions and increase the body's ability to heal itself on all levels. It is a simple, natural and safe method of energetic healing and self-improvement which brings powerful and positive results.


Reiki improves your well-being by decreasing stress and inducing deep relaxation, releasing old patterns, emotions and trapped emotions. It promotes spiritual awareness and emotional balance to assist in recognising the spiritual and emotional causes of physical ailments and pain. Reiki treats the whole person and works in unison with Allopathic medicine and treatment plans. It cleanses the body of toxins, removes blockages and initiates self healing. Reiki promotes self love, joy and happiness and strengthens life force.

Distance Reiki provides all the powerful benefits of a Reiki treatment without you being present. If you are unwell or unable to travel, have limited time available or live on the other side of the world, the profound effects of Reiki can be channeled to you at a time and location of your choosing. 


Reiki Attunements are offered throughout the year for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Reiki and become empowered to channel Reiki for self-healing and working with others. These Attunements are undertaken during a two day workshop and are a very enlightening and profound step in your own personal and spiritual development.