Where you are right now....

You're sick of being a slave to cigarettes, you spend way too much money on them and you have to stand outside in the cold like a social outcast just to get your fix. You're beginning to worry about your health and what your life will be like 10-15 years from now if you continue smoking. You're not sure if you can cope without cigarettes and you're even a little scared you can't quit or it will be too hard.

The problems you're currently experiencing........

  • You're partner, family, friends want you to quit

  • You're increasingly worried about the serious health risks associated with smoking

  • The financial burden is becoming too much and it's only getting more expensive

  • You no longer get the feeling of relaxation from cigarettes.


What you need help with right now.......

You've probably tried to quit smoking before and you're likely not feeling very confident or motivated to try again.You need to know you won't get triggered by stressful situations and you're looking for strategies to cope with stress without using cigarettes as a crutch. You need clarity around your emotional connections to cigarettes so you can understand the root cause of your habit and regain control.

How I can help you

There are many health benefits of quitting smoking including reducing your risk of heart disease and lung cancer, improving your immune system and a reduction in the visible effects of premature ageing. These health benefits can be felt within 2 -12 weeks helping you to look and feel healthier, reduce stress and have more energy.


The good news is you are ten times more likely to quit for good using Hypnotherapy. With the support of a detailed program to identify and deactivate smoking triggers, you will feel strong and confident that you will never need to smoke again.

My Quit Smoking program includes  tools for you to use at home and is a safe and effective way to achieve results and regain your health.

Download your Quit Smoking Program Journal and start your journey today.