Focusing on developing your intuitive senses and enhancing your understanding of Spirit, this program is designed to uncover your psychic strengths and reconnect you to your inner wisdom and Spiritual insight.

During the six-week program you will learn techniques for:

  • tuning in to your body, inner voice, and Guides

  • raising your vibration and managing your energy

  • explore the use of tools such as Psychometry, Oracle cards, crystals, and pendulum dowsing

  • gain skills in interpreting symbolism and understanding your personal processes for receiving information and guidance.

This program will evolve your thinking and raise your consciousness, opening you to inner truths, new connections, and higher awareness.

The Psychic Development on-line program offers the opportunity to connect with other seekers and develop your skills in a group learning environment. All group participants will receive access to downloadable resources and exercises and will be given practice tasks to build skills and confidence.

On-line sessions for the six-week program are held weekly on Tuesdays at 7 pm via Zoom.

Course dates

28 July - 1 September 2020