Do you want to learn powerful techniques to remove negative emotions and unhealthy habits?

Would you like to gain a greater understanding of the mind-body connection to improve behaviour, enhance well-being and create positive results?

Would you like to communicate with people more effectively to improve interpersonal relationships and increase results?


Hypnosis is the mind-body connection. It is the most effective way to resolve ineffective behaviours and create positive changes to enhance communication, improve outcomes and enhance health and well-being and anyone can learn these techniques to get great results in all areas of life.


This 3-day certification training in Modern Hypnosis will enable you to confidently start working with friends, family or even paying clients for:

  • weight loss & enhance body image

  • quit smoking

  • stress reduction

  • performance enhancement

  • pain management

  • promote deep relaxation

  • self-hypnosis

This certification provides eligibility for registration with International Institute of Complementary Therapists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

2020 Course Dates and Times

This training requires no previous qualifications and is for anyone considering starting a career in Hypnotherapy, health professionals wanting to expand their range of services and enhance communication with clients, corporate professionals seeking to increase leadership and influencing skills to inspire teams and motivate others to reach their highest potential or those who wish to broaden their understanding of the mind-body connection and natural healing techniques.