Energy Healing refers to a range of techniques used to reactivate and balance the energy centers (Chakras), increase energy flow, and improve the energetic vibration of a person or place. Energy Healing provides wide-ranging health benefits including reductions in stress and anxiety, restoring healthy sleep patterns, supporting treatment of chronic illness, assistance while withdrawing from addictive substances such as alcohol and other drugs and increasing energy.

Energy Therapy includes Reiki, Meridan Balance and Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), to assist you to shift energy, remove blocks, and feel re-energized. An Energy Healing session will shift your limitations and uplift your vibration so you can be free and empowered to make positive choices and feel confident in stepping into your truest self.



The energy or 'vibe' of a space can greatly influence your personal energy levels and mood. Creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere is the key to maintaining your vibration and attracting similar high vibrational loving energies and people into your space.


Space clearing is a tradition that can be traced back thousands of years and across many cultures. It is the act of clearing dense, negative energy from a place in preparation for a specific use such as cultivation and community building or for a ceremony or ritual.


Busy places where a lot of people gather can hold onto energy which builds up and becomes dense or stuck. Workplaces, public spaces, rental properties, or old homes can often feel tense, low, or very hectic. 


If you sense a particular room is feeling drab or dense or you're decluttering and wanting to refresh the space a space clearing will bring in light and high vibrational energy, increasing productivity, relationships, and meditations.


Space clearing can have the specific intent of clearing recognised trapped energy or simply to refresh and renew the vibe. It doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming and can be done with a few simple it items. 


Here are a few simple techniques to get you started.