Where you are at...

Everything seems to be getting on top of you and you feel overwhelmed. Your work, relationships and health is suffering and you can't think straight. You are having trouble sleeping, always feeling irritated and you're depending on less than healthy ways to relax.

The problems you are currently experiencing...

  • You are experiencing financial trouble, problems at work or a relationship breakdown

  • You can't focus at work, you're not getting things done and it just keeps piling up

  • You're grumpy at home, moody at work and people are finding it difficult to be around you

  • You're blood pressure is up, you're not sleeping and you've lost your appetite

What you need help with right now...

You need healthy ways to relax and release the pressure. You want to find better strategies for coping with the stress so you can get on top of things and regain control. You need help prioritising and making decisions so you can feel confident and make better choices. You want to be able to relax and de-stress without having to depend on alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs,

How I can help...

A counselling and stress management session allows you to examine stress triggers and gain a clear understanding of the subtle differences between stress and anxiety and the physical, mental and emotional impacts on your life. It offers the opportunity to explore thoughts and and feelings in a safe and non-judgemental space, allowing you time to gain new perspectives and find new meanings for the events, situations and emotions that are influencing your life. These session explore new ways of dealing with challenges, change and high workload and enable you to find new strategies for effectively dealing with stress.

Working with Time Line techniques, NLP and Positive Psychology, we explore options for introducing new thought patterns and personal care habits to easily release negative emotions and stress response sand enhance and maintain mental health and emotional balance.