Did you know that everyone has intuition but not everyone truly connects with and trusts this to guide them through life, to navigate change, and feel confident in making decisions that create joy and meaning in their lives?


The Undercover Intuitive program will enhance your connection with your intuition and expand your awareness so you can be free of doubt and self-sabotage and gain insights and clarity on how to quickly resolve challenges and improve your life.


The program explores the emotions and beliefs that may be getting in the way of your personal growth and happiness, giving you a clear perspective on where you want to be in life and how to identify positive actions that move you towards your goals. 


It's an investment in yourself and the best thing you can do to nurture yourself and move towards self-mastery.



Focusing on developing your intuitive senses and enhancing your understanding of Spirit, this program is designed to uncover your intuitive and psychic strengths and reconnect your Spiritual insight.

You will learn techniques for:

  • tuning in to your body, inner voice, and Guides

  • raising your vibration and managing your energy

  • explore the use of tools such as Psychometry, Oracle cards, crystals, and pendulum dowsing

  • gain skills in interpreting symbolism and understanding your personal processes for receiving information and guidance.

This program combines powerful techniques to create momentum and track progress in real-time. We work together to

create a crystal clear vision for your ideal life so you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to make it happen.  You will learn tools and techniques to help you feel renewed, re-energized, and inspired to overcome challenges and achieve personal transformation and self-mastery.

The program will evolve your thinking and raise your consciousness, opening you to inner truths, new connections, and higher awareness.