You may be asked to complete some forms or documentation prior to attending your first appointment. If the form you require is not available here, please send me an email request.

Additional resources and information which may be relevant to your personal goals and coaching sessions can also be found here.

Complete this form and bring it to your first appointment

Please take a copy of this letter to your doctor for sign off and information

Please complete the Anxiety Questionnaire if you are seeking coaching for anxiety management or if relevant to your Positive Breakthrough Program and bring it to your first appointment.

Please complete your Smoking Journal for a minimum of 1 week prior to your Quit Smoking session. Print as many pages as you need and bring them with you to your first session. This journal is part of the tasking that is required for the Guarantee

Cigarette Smoking True Cost Evaluator

This cost evaluator is designed to assist you get a full understanding of the true cost of your smoking habit – financial, lifestyle and time. It brings focus to the extent of your smoking habit and provides evidence that your decision to quit is positive and important.

Food Journal

This journal is used to identify triggers and emotional connections to your food choices and eating behaviour. Please complete a minimum of 3 days before your first session.

Deep Abdominal Breathing

Deep abdominal breathing can help you release stress and anxiety, relax your body and mind and tap into the parasympathetic system for self healing and recovery.

Emotional and Energetic Release Techniques

Releasing negative emotions and trapped energy clears the way for new opportunities and positive change. These simple techniques can instigate profound transformation in personal beliefs and life circumstances.

Space Clearing Techniques

Here are a few quick tips to clear stuck energy and enhance the vibe of a room or special space.

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