The Ascension Leadership ModelTM shows you how to identify areas of thinking where you may be limited by values or ideas that are no longer relevant to you and provides a protocol for resolving these values and transcending to a new level of perception. Coupled with a process for clearing blockages from the body’s energy centres or Chakras, this model is the pathway to personal evolution and a higher level of consciousness as a leader.

 The Ascension Leadership ModelTM is based on Five Pillars with each Pillar providing a foundation for your cognitive, energetic, and intuitive development and ability to step into your creatorship and align with your highest purpose. 

As you progress through the evolution of your personal beliefs and thinking patterns, you will activate the 12 Cakra system and reignite your connection to Source.


By working through the model you will:

  • understand your values and beliefs and clear fear, self-doubt and unproductive attitudes to enable you to evolve your thinking and your understanding of self

  • discover and activate the 12 Chakra system to increase energy flow, raise your Consciousness and access your powers of manifestation

  • clear negative emotions and repressed memories from each Chakra at each life stage and clear Karmic patterns to create a new and enabling mindset and energetic vibration.


This program includes personal discovery exercises and combines a powerful mindset and energetic techniques to anchor profound change on all levels. After completing this journey you will gain a new perspective on the world around you, understand the Universal connection and your Oneness with all and feel empowered to take positive actions that improve your personal situation whilst having a positive impact on those around you.